“Speak Little. Learn the words of eternity.
Go beyond your tangled thoughts and
find the splendor of paradise.”


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Rhinoceros Beetle Origami

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Here’s a campaign I shot for FaFa a bit ago, I traveled to Europe and spent a night in Paris wandering around alone and peeking into book stores and cafes and tried to navigate airports and train stations without knowing a word of French.

I took a train to The Netherlands and accidentally got on the wrong car going to Brussels and had to sprint down the length of it during a 20 second stop.

Later that week I met up with the designer and her lovely daughter Kiki and had to cart 20 pots of flowers up the steepest stairs I’ve ever seen. We found a snail hidden between the daises and named him Mr Doddles and he lived in a mason jar for a couple days. I built Kiki a fort at 3am a couple hours before my flight home and I spent 6 hours at the Dublin airport sitting at a Burger King looking over my photos from the trip.

I miss Europe dearly and I cannot be more grateful for the experience and the chance to create such magic with such talented people!

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feelin like i have oh so much appreciation for my school and all of my classes and all of my classmates because every day is a brain exercise but also feelin like my brain would appreciate some more sleep

oh, refresh, message, face, thoughts, history.

hello.on the search for higher grounds and deeper forests to explore.